Enchanting test for the gifted (See teaching the gifted)
The arcanum has a new update coming! Learn how to make your first measurable enchantment of a jewelry, guns, or even cars. I will tell you how to measure the item, how to enchant it, and then how to measure it again. For those with talent, perhaps you consider joining the UoA development team. For those of you here visting the UoA who do not want to visit another site, try it yourself! These is presented like the science of quantum bell we are studying. Take a piece of jewelry out of you pokcet, or use something like a cellphone. Place it on a desktop and use this tool Dubbed "hand Tool." It should not work when you padd it over the item. Now hold the item in your hands, and push your energy into it. Try to see it glow. Then set the item back on the table, and use the tool again. If you did it right, you might push kinetic power into it, and then measure for talent you can use everyday. The tool will work. When your talent begins to questionable for how to structure energy onto and item, or how to shape the charge, consider helping us teach by telling your experience here.

Spirit communication for the gifted. (See teaching the gifted)
Some of the projects I research for this university, i have applied other places, like quantum bell inc, including spirit communication. You can learn this talent quickly, but it takes years to develop. You can learn here. It costs nothing.

A belief of the natural spirits. (See teaching the gifted)
Note from project person: This university is being developed, and where I know of only two stones laid for that honor. I contribute my talent as If someday there will be a shelf in that library. With my actions and my works perhaps summarized, contributing to that technology for the flesh of mankind and arguing the RULE as a reality of para physics, and where derived entirely of the imagination or physcial affect to biology of practicioner, the phosphor of the mind is brought to life with the skill of practice; having what purpose? As archist, a constructionist of the self, their are those among us who might have also a flock, that collection of calenders for birth year among nations, and their symboloic animals stated as shepard. Those, whom know the celestrial alignments, and can argue the painting of it on the fore arm the symbols of birth year and animals, should see the stars of their constellations light on that drawing align, and make it glow with the phosphor of the mind for empoerment. The celestrial people of mankind, that gorwth of knowledge about the RULE on planet earth, and furthering that dream of mankind, and his environment, for the protection of the flocks and earths ecosystems. To see the phosphor of a tatoo on the arm, painted like an eagle or owl in my tree, and knowing the huntiong practices of each, i might be empowered by the deer or bear as they are part of the environment. For occasion, I have that shape pre-drawn on the arm, and then stare to make it glow with the phosphor of the mind, the empowerment of the archist of man and influence. For those among the magika, a mastery of the talent of the trade, and of practical purpose. Entry to the clestrial Army of mankind, and the protection of the garden planet and her flocks. For those of the calender and astrology, the animals for me are expressed as simple stated goat and bull with raven; That i learn to use today with energy of the constellation and natural lands. The animals stated for my birthday among the nations and their calender animals is stated as limited painted on my arm with some shape, nor permanent. To draw the animals on the skin, and light it with the moon, sun, or the light of the constellation expressing a strength, is a basic of empowerment for self or soldier when it is seen to change slight, and where the skilled are set, the energy into the action we would achieve becomes magika. "To walk in the forrests, some 100,000,000 years old, always growing in that place, and to see what i see through the wind on my skin" as i walk and "think through the wind on my skin I see for the trees," and do it, as eyes for the forrests once again, back on eden, where the spirits among aged forrests or lands might have memory enough to show me the spirits, or converse with the natural communication of the forrest and noise of speech; to interact with what is not evil, but there as mankind evolved among the wildlands. I see creation, and serve with that oath among the oldest of memories the forrest might have, Seeing for what is millions of years old, and proven still alive. The forrest moves animals as the breatherans of a hunt while we move, empowered by the energy of our environment and the celestrial light at our skin. The figures appear as I move. Like the memory stick in our modern computer hardrives, or those nuerons in our heads as animals, i find likeness with one. the floors of the forrest have a memory that is just as old as the forrest to some depths, remembering each leaf over time. The spirits appear as i walk... like men or animal, knowing that for ages, those woods have waited for us to talk. For men brave enough, not to run from the mind and memories of a jungle dreaming outloud, their is no greater honor than to walk with that service of defense, part of the oldest government on earth and the natural rule. While others pray to imaginery things of some imaginery age, walk with us for a night, and see what it is to converse with the spirits and dieties of the americas near gods hill. I offer what it is to understand the terrain of a shadow archist.

Shape Shifting test for the gifted. (See teaching the gifted)
I sit and think, i empower the object, and instead, i change the observation of my skin to a fabric or armour. Angel armour, it is called, but is it the armour of god. This is my chair, and look at the hand can you see the glove of light on your hand, when you close you eyes, walk to the light as if you are sitting up, into your form.. See it change to what you think. Shape shifting is an old art, and when you good at this, place you hand on the tables, on the walls, and near plants. Can you make your skin look like the color of what you toch? The basic of illusion magicks...

Druid Companion talent test for the gifted. (See teaching the gifted)
I sit and think, like the warriors of the past, like enki, the spirits of the mind free opon the land. Whether working in the woodlines, the companision i work the hardest with, i can see it do anything. And from this, occasionally like telkentic moves objects, i make it visible. The externalization of self, see with the reality of the body. For those of the arts, like you enchant the rings or weapons of you arsenol, try to enchant a tree, and with companion youve worked so hard, to make it move or to interact with it, and see sustained through the tree or object, another you with point of reflection. Then visit again, did the spirit of the foreest project with the same image to talk when you returned, is the spirit moving as your learning to talk with pictures? How do you think this is done. For some of us, we sit and imagine ghosts, sustained shadows or figures of one type or another, and for some might even box with them. as if they were among the people. A developed talent to produce. So, perhaps in my mind, i think... i only see the spirits running or placed so well... while i think about it. Look, i can make little dancer too. for some arguement. I put it on house. Look, i summon a creature as if i see it around me... And for those in the woods, as real as the other light. compare yourself to the what is natural for the people. And place your hand on the tree. empower it like artifact. give it energy your thinking with. test the area. and do it again. See the manifested form of you through the tree And running about as you would the others. Place yourself into it, by seeing through its eyes, and through the tree. In the other tree, place yourself, push your self to run of your mind froma sapling, move that spirit you see with the tree. And be sure, to take measure with the tool the enchantment is applied again, to enforce the length the energy remains. Through the wood of tree to live a thousand years more. Come back the next night, what did you find? The spirit you made is easier to see... and when the spirit of the woods goes into the developed communication, youll find, your service is older than these nations. The companion talent might not push their companion through the tree, but stabilize it from another object, and in this test, i ask you to converse with the spirit of the woods as if the projection you proved on the tree. Response or not, talk to woods as if you were dreaming outloud. The logic here, is seen in space around you. If my flesh is to rot when i die, what sustains my image in the garden, with the arch of the animals i make. Arch on arch, see the self on the self, the angels of my belief.

Talented with Arch Angels test for the gifted. (See teaching the gifted)
See yourself on yourself, and tell me what is purer, your imagination or the reality of your body, illusionist or allegded camoflouge expert. What other living thing knows your people so well, as does the forrrest of souls possible? To see the construction for the animals, or for the men where they cant, and together, the constrution of the angels and the flock... arch on arch, construction on construction. A (arch) stated, the purity of. When gods make the spirit it does not need to be sustained. The arguement is valid for the life my people evolved with need of trees to sustain us and our flocks.

Talented for summoners test for the gifted. (See teaching the gifted)
Sit for a moment and really see. Look at the table in front of you, make a person stand their next to one of your cups or pictures. Really see it. That is me. i am your mind. practice more, and make me move. i can walk across the table. I can climb wwalls even move my hands and legs right, i can fly anywhere i want, and i am your mind. Land the figure inside myself. Now, for gifted place figure near a television, and make it talk. Did you hear the speakers work? Have you done this at a store or other places youve visited? Try to run the figure into the office next door, and then into the cabinets. We are able to see it, why doesnt wnyone else; telekentic focus... Stand you summoned it on camera, in the area near you. I want you to swing its arms with your mind. I want you to punch the air with the spirit you manifested in the space near to you. see it with your eyes open. Swing an imagined sword, see it in the eyes, and fabricated from only the mind. Do push ups, sit on couches... if i were to duel you, how else would i place my board among the dimensional plane but the rooms we are in? Tell me what have you dojne, and ill try to see through, imagined in the same place. When your ready for this test, fly your summoned pet or self... And trust, its not as easy as it sounds. we might have ourselves meet on the planar. And of another man involved with some dispute, whom knows not the planar or with no reason at all... this means in one room, ill be another, and we can we can meet on the planar again.

Living Temples for the gifted. (See teaching the gifted)
You walk with me, to the wood line. And as we walk, we pass the places of many churches, Sitting on lands they destroyed to build an alter. When we arrive to the wood line, the age of the forrests is made known, and after some practice you see they are alive, that they think, and among them is life we can not see, until you learn to see. When asked, to pray to god, diety, or devil, as through that alter closest to... the gods of the other temples all say they are creators, and here, the oldest of creation still stands alive. Roots in the ground, and fauna on top, when applying a simple skill, show the mind of the woods and man might have grown together by how well magic and the woods egt along. Should you pray to the 100,000,000 year old creation of the woods, that is still contiuously alive in that place... or the alter that would destroy creation to build concrete slabs, and that has only stood for a few dozen years? When seeking guidance, do you go to that alter that is made of dead wood and stone, or that alter that is alive as is the ecosystems and woodlands when their is choice? For the age of the gods who watch creation, he has his favorties, because he has watched them for so long in that place... How would you use your talent to speak the mind of a forrest? The evolution of man is said to be millions of years and more... producing nuerons, and muslces, and more. Look at the woodland before us, and answer, how many flocks has it created? Do you know the complexity of the woods reltive to nuerons or other topics? When using your talent, try to create something, like a ghost of your mind and have it walk the trails with you. Then wait to see the real animals... And see what it is to understand an alter of creation. The gods, demons, and dieties of the natural beliefs are numerous, and abound all over the world. Which alter is closer to the gods, that which has been forever, or that which we just build? Look at the history of the nations... among them so many stories of magical beings and faries or sprits and demons, until they cut down the trees and natural ecosystems. Choose your natural strength wisely. Among the history of our poeple, whether the turtles are eating mushrooms, or the beliefs using other things to help them see... when their is a connection with the forrest areas... their is not greater reality than to experience the spirits. Men are born with hands, legs, and eyes, and we must teach them to walk and write or read... and here, learing to see can be just as important.